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  上海杰亨保安服务有限公司是一家专业的保安管理企业,为客户提供专业的保安服务。 公司自成立始,一直紧跟国内外保安行业先进潮流不断发展创新,坚持“持续改善管理、提供优质服务”的质量方针,不断借鉴和融合国内外先进的管理经验,至今已经形成了完善的管理机制和独特的管理模式,造就了一批善经营、懂管理、专业务实的经营管理人才。公司注重高素质员工队伍的建设,公司全员培训上岗,特殊岗位人员均取得国家相关要求之资格证书。通过有效的人力资源管理手段,规范岗位职责,统一领导、分级负责,完善了决策机构、执行机构和监督机构,使企业运行顺畅。我们始终把客户的需要当成是自己行动的指南,不断提升自身素质,追求更高目标,积极开拓业务领域,努力创立自己的品牌,建立一个学习型、服务型、创新型的现代企业。 为了提高管理效率、降低成本、优化服务,公司根据接管项目的实际情况,进行项目目标的设计,对系统结构作细致的分析,适度应用现代管理手段与技术。制订合理、科学的财务收支计划,严格成本核算与质量监管,将优质服务贯穿始终。确保在管理的项目安全保卫可靠、环境优美整洁、服务细致周到,得到客户的赞扬和社会的全面认可。

   Shanghai Jieheng Security Service Co. Ltd is a professional enterprise security management, to provide professional security services for custo-mers.The company since its beginning, has been keeping up with the trend of the domestic and foreign advanced security industry development innovation, adhere to the "continuous improvement of management, the quality policy and quality service", and continue to learn from the integration of domestic and foreign advanced management experience so far, has formed a sound management mechanism and a unique management model, created a number of good management, knowledge management, professional and pragmatic management personnel. The company pay great attention to the construction of high-quality staff, staff training, staff positions are special qualification certificates of the relevant national requirements. Through effective means of human resource management specification, job responsibilities, unified leadership and graded responsibility, perfect the decision-making mechanism, execution mechanism and supervision mechanism, make enterprise run smoothly. We always put Customer needs as a guide for action, and constantly improve their own quality, the pursuit of higher goals, and actively explore business areas, efforts to create their own brand, to create a learning oriented, service-oriented, innovative modern enterprises. In order to improve management efficiency, reduce cost, optimize service, the company took over the project according to the actual situation design, project objectives, detailed analysis of the system structure, appropriate application of modern management methods and technology. To formulate reasonable, scientific financial plans, strict cost accounting and quality supervision, the quality service throughout. In the management of the project to ensure the security and reliable, clean and beautiful environment, meticulous and thoughtful service, get comprehensive customer recognition and social praise .